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For Blotenberg GmbH, FAHRENHEIT did not only create a unique new website with unmistakable key visuals for all product areas, but also a new CI and numerous supporting marketing measures such as new Google Adwords campaigns with associated landing pages, business cards, e-mail binders and give-aways.

Blotenberg GmbH is an expert for extraction solutions and creates emission-free working environments for customers and their employees with professional industrial extraction equipment.

High-quality CI

In addition to the new website FAHRENHEIT also designed a modern and fresh logo for Blotenberg GmbH. The clear design as well as the chosen blue tone reflect the professional working standards of the company and are in line with the designed key visuals.


Modern website with integrated product database


The new online presence reflects the company's modernity and the outstanding quality of Blotenberg GmbH's extraction solutions and moreover encourages website visitors to request products and register for the "Blotenberg Insights" VIP area in order to receive numerous free product information.

Besides the structure of the website in Typo3 a new data base was sketched and implemented, which is simple to maintain and contains a logical product table listing with all important.

In addition, adaptive modules were developed that change appearance, scope and function depending on the device type (touch / click) or device size (desktop, tablet, smartphone). A fullscreen navigation, that allows a filtration of the products according to different criteria, a video module about the working methods of Blotenberg GmbH as well as a graphically different product page with database connection complete the website appearance of Blotenberg GmbH.


Designed for all product areas



Brand Manual

Communication-strong design

The redesign of Blotenberg's corporate image was recorded in a newly designed brand manual and combines all the new design elements of the corporate design in a clear form.

Offline marketing


The new Blotenberg website appearance is supported by newly designed business cards and a uniform e-mail binder for all employees of the company. In addition, FAHRENHEIT has designed give-away packages that include post-its, ballpoint pens and an image brochure with product information to send as gift to customers.

Online Marketing


Specific landing pages for the various application areas of Blotenberg products were developed for the new Adwords campaigns. The websites convey all information to the user quickly and clearly and offer an uncomplicated product enquiry or a direct call through a conspicuous and sales-oriented design. The measure supports the awareness of Blotenberg GmbH and at the same time transfers the quality of the products.

Brand Orange

Corporate Podcasts

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