• Corporate Design
  • TYPO3 Content Management System-Installation
  • ElasticSearch search engine
  • Development of a TYPO3 Extension
  • DSGVO compliant user tracking
  • Analytics
  • Video production

Modern website meets simple user guidance

FAHRENHEIT has developed a website refresh in order to inform children, parents and teachers about the content areas of the Medienkompetenzrahmen NRW and furthermore to provide the corresponding school materials in an appealing way.

The modern design of the website elements supports a better overview of the individual areas. The filter sidebar and the menu were implemented as a full-screen solution for touch devices and thus also allow pleasant user guidance for smartphone and tablet users.

The aim of the Medienkompetenzrahmen NRW is to enable children and young people to deal with media in a safe, creative and responsible way and to furthermore impart not only comprehensive media competence but also basic IT knowledge.

Inviting Website


Simplified information organization
In addition to a personalized TYPO3 Content Management System installation, a TYPO3 extension was developed to facilitate the administration of the "teaching materials" provided on the website.

Data protection compliant tracking
Thanks to the Matomo analysis tool, which stores all user data on the customer servers, data protection-compliant user tracking is used on the website in order to identify and implement possible optimizations quickly.

Explanatory film

FAHRENHEIT has written a storyboard and implemented the animations of the explanatory film for an appealing and simple explanation of the backgrounds and goals of the Medienkompetenzrahmen NRW. This helps to provide the content of the Medienkompetenzrahmen in a consumable way.

Intelligent search

The clear website design and the conspicuously placed search bar on the main page enable users to quickly find the desired information. Thanks to the connection of the TYPO3 Extension to an Elastic Search engine, the search bar offers comprehensive search options and a clear presentation of information.

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Corporate Podcasts

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