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Pelzer Fördertechnik

Fahrenheit designed and implemented a visual product and service world for Pelzer Fördertechnik GmbH. The biggest challenge for Pelzer so far has been that the company was often perceived by the customer as a dealer of forklift trucks and the multitude of innovative digital services were not known.

With the Pelzer World, the sales department now has a strong sales and marketing instrument, which allows them to guide customers visually and in terms of content through the entire product and, above all, service portfolio and thus to tell a coherent story.

Pelzer Fördertechnik GmbH is one of the leading suppliers and service specialists in the field of conveyor and storage technology and stands for efficient solutions, customer-oriented services and many years of know-how.

Pelzer World

From the first sketch to the finished Pelzer World


The idea for the Pelzer World as a sales measure arose from the customer's wish to develop a new measure to inform about the product range and the numerous services of Pelzer Fördertechnik GmbH more intensively. After discussions with the Pelzer sales staff, Fahrenheit has launched the Pelzer World, which provides an insight into the Pelzer intra- and warehouse logistics with individual hotspots that conceal more information.

With the help of the Pelzer World, Fahrenheit has developed an eye-catching sales tool the Pelzer sales staff can use to interactively present the corresponding services to customers on the tablet. In addition the brochure, also designed by Fahrenheit, gives customers the opportunity to learn more about the company's products and services by themselves.


Offline presentation of the Pelzer products



In addition, the Pelzer Worls was realised as an offline version in form of a print brochure containing QR codes with corresponding links to the individual online landingpages. Users have the opportunity to conveniently and easily call up information on the products and services of interest.

The corresponding graphic was developed, drawn and assembled by Fahrenheit and shows the entire world of warehouse logistics with individual hotspots concealing more information.


Clear presentation of the product ranges


Product-specific landingpages have been developed for each product presentation in the Pelzer World, which contain further information for the individual areas and inform the user about all important components of the different products and services. In addition to descriptive texts, the landingpages also contain pictures of the individual Pelzer vehicles.

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