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Toyota Germany

FAHRENHEIT develops viral theme campaign with the overarching title of "Dirk explains it! Crazy about quality!". In the individual viral videos, concealed functions and technical quality features are thematised specifically to the individual models and highlighted in a strikingly humorous and exaggerated manner. Thanks to the very authentic presenter "Dirk" (Dirk is actually the press spokesman of Toyota Germany) as a testimonial, the defined objective of confirming TOYOTA in the "quality" field as a high-quality innovative automotive brand with the highest standards is achieved.

The Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the largest companies in the world and has also been successful in Germany for almost four decades.

Dirk explains it

Provocative and direct, instead of deliberate

Credible and authentic

The "handmade style" of the videos makes the quality campaign appear open, provocative and direct instead of deliberate. This provides the target group with enough space for recognition and identification. The campaign's key claim to credibility is therefore ideally fulfilled via the social networks.


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